Schizophrenia Reviews

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Our Schizophrenia Review Services

Our team of MDS experts has extensive understanding of the MDS regulations, and can complete reviews quickly and affordably

Review the Medical Record


Our experts review the medical record for residents with diagnosis of schizophrenia to ensure the required supporting documentation is present.

Ensure MDS Coding Accuracy


Review the MDS assessments for resident’s coded with schizophrenia to ensure the MDS was coded per RAI regulations

Report of Findings


Upon completion of review, we deliver a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations for MDS compliance

What to Expect from MDS Consultants

No long term contracts or commitments.
Our team focuses on getting the job done and done right.



• At least one of our 50+ experts can start as soon as next Monday
• Timing will depend on the size, complexity, and requested services of the facility



• You are only charged for the hours we work
• Client assigns the list of residents to review
• We invoice weekly for Schizophrenia Audit services


Getting Started

Just a few simple steps to get started:

1) Complete our agreement & deposit
2) Provide us with login access to your EHR
3) Meet with our Directors of Onboarding and Operations to finalize your plan

Why Conduct Schizophrenia Reviews

Schizophrenia has been misdiagnosed and miscoded on the MDS for years.  Let our MDS experts review the medical record and MDS assessments to avoid or decrease penalties as a result of CMS audits

Avoid Penalties


Appropriate supporting documentation and MDS coding of a schizophrenia diagnosis will decrease the risk of penalties

Reduce Audit Risk


Don’t wait for a CMS notification – self-assess your documentation to find any issues

Audit Reponse


Our team can help thoroughly review all documentation and prepare the response if you are under audit by CMS.

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