Remote MDS Nurse Floaters

MDS Floater
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Add the expertise of remote MDS experts to your team. Use our MDS floaters to close gaps and improve your team’s efficiency and accuracy. Assign our remote MDS experts to MDS completion, data integrity audits, or focused training of your staff MDS coordinators.

Our MDS Floater Services

With the strains of staffing shortages across long-term care, remote MDS services are a simple and immediate solution that provide off-site assistance in completing, reviewing and managing MDS assessments.

Start Immediately

Our MDS floaters are all specially trained experts, and hit the ground running.  Our team is experienced in almost all EHRs and are 100% productive just hours after starting.

Flexible & Skilled Experts

Instead of making the perfect hire, onboard our team of experts and instantly tap into the skills you want to add to your in-house team.

Cost Effective

This isn’t like expensive agency staffing. We bill hourly just for worked performed, while you get experienced, productive help at about the same cost as an FTE’s salary, benefits & hiring expense.

What to Expect from MDS Consultants

No long term contracts or commitments.
Our team focuses on getting the job done and done right.



• At least one of our 50+ experts can start as soon as next Monday
• We assign a small, dedicated team to you based on your needs
• We can flex between completion, audit and training services as needed



• You are only charged for the hours we work
• You set the weekly hours worked & assignments
• We will invoice you weekly for MDS Floater services


Getting Started

Just a few simple steps to get started:

1) Complete our agreement & deposit
2) Provide us with login access to your EHR
3) Meet with our Directors of Onboarding and Operations to finalize your plan

Why You Should Add MDS Floaters To Your Team

The responsibilties of the reimbursement and compliance team in regional multi-facility organizations are extensive.  Reassigning senior team members to fill day-to-day gaps can distract from reimbursement and quality initiatives and hurt morale.  Deploying remote MDS floater nurses is a cost-effective way to get the best of the entire team.

Better Reimbursement

MDS assessments directly impact reimbursement. Our MDS Floaters are experienced and ensure every MDS assessment is completed accurately and completely.

Keep your team members focused on reimbursement strategy focused on that work, and not filling the gaps in MDS assessments.

Quality Improvement

Our Floater MDS experts conduct thorough reviews of MDS coding and documentation, identifying any inconsistencies or errors. They provide valuable feedback to improve coding accuracy and completeness, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of MDS assessments.

Scalable Resources

Our remote MDS professionals are all expertly trained internally and well-versed in coding guidelines and regulatory requirements – ensuring accurate MDS completion and reducing the risk of errors. In addition, our team of remote Floater experts provide flexibility, enabling facilities to scale resources based on fluctuating needs.

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