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Our experienced team of over 50 specially trained and certified nurse assessment coordinators also provide these services.

Schizophrenia Audits & Reviews


With the onset of CMS audits, our services provide an assessment of the accuracy of resident Schizophrenia coding on the MDS.

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Corporate Integrity Agreements


MDS Consultants has the experience and expertise to ensure skilled nursing facilities stay compliant with Medicare Guidelines by developing standards and policies, while implementing a comprehensive training program and processes to ensure compliance.

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PDPM Audit & Risk Assessments


Our team focuses on the identification of gaps in coding and documentation for PDPM reimbursements.

Identifying all billable services is essential to prevent revenue loss of valuable Medicare dollars.

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MDS Data Integrity Audits


MDS Consultants will complete inspections of completed MDS assessments to determine consistency with resident care delivery as recorded in the Medical Record.

Inaccuracies in the MDS can result in state deficiencies, revenue loss and erroneously poor quality measures.

Our MDS Data Integrity audits can also be used as training tools.  They are written to educate why an answer could be different that what was chosen – and what regulation or rule substantiates our claim.

ICD-10 Audits


The focus of an ICD-10 audit is the examination of ICD-10 coding to ensure the best primary diagnosis is placed on the resident’s Medical Record and in the MDS.

 Audits help ensure the complex job of coding is capturing all available NTA points on PPS assessments – which could result in revenue loss if not done properly.

Quality Measure Audits


A quality measure audit includes a full evaluation of healthcare process, outcomes, and measures – with full CASPER analysis.

 An audit ensures you are presenting your facility in Nursing Home Compare with the quality of care that you are truly giving your residents and prevents revenue loss from erroneous measures putting you in a lower quintile than what you should be in.


Medicare Eligibility Evaluations

MDS Consultants will conduct weekly evaluation of the assessment and documentation of your skilled nursing residents.

Education and training staff on what skilled documentation is required for a specific resident can help prevent claim denials in the event of an ADR.

Care Plan Reviews


Our staff reviews resident care plans to ensure the Care Area Assessment that triggered on the MDS has been accurately captured.

This check prevents state Department of Health deficiencies for developing and implementing a Comprehensive Care Plan.



UB-04 Evaluations


Our experts verifty that all fields on UB-04 claims are consistent with the Medical Record and final PDPM score.

This prevents claim denials and ensures you do not trigger future audits by having too many inaccuracies.

ICD-10 Coding


Hiring a team member with the knowledge of coding, Long Term Care and PDPM is almost an impossible task for skilled nursing faclities. MDS Consultants has a team of staff who can assist in coding your new admissions upon arrival.

Our experts have the knowledge to ensure the correct primary diagnosis is sequenced, and that all NTA points are accounted for – preventing revenue loss.

Resident Census and Condition Forms 672 & 802


MDS Consultants can keep forms 672 and 802 up to date for your team so when the State Department of Health enters to complete your survey, these forms are up to date and ready to hand over when the DOH requests.

MDS System Audits


Our team conducts a comprehensive review of your entire MDS system – from MDS scheduling to MDS completion to MDS data integrity.

Compliance with scheduling, completion, and submission of MDS assessments has financial benefits and improves resident care and outcomes

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