PDPM, MDS and System Integrity Audits

  • MDS System Audits

    An effective MDS system requires an interdisciplinary approach to function properly.  Our MDS System Audits are a comprehensive review of your entire MDS system - from MDS scheduling to MDS completion to MDS data integrity.

  • PDPM Risk Assessment

    Understand the changes to your reimbursement that PDPM will bring, and identify gaps in coding and documentation that may put your facility at risk. 

  • Medicare Eligibility Evaluations

    Medicare eligibility directly affects your reimbursement.  Our weekly Medicare Eligibility Evaluations ensure that you are appropriately assessing and documenting all of your skilled nursing residents.

  • MDS Data Integrity Audits

    Inaccurate MDS Coding can result in numerous penalties both regulatory and financial.  Our MDS Data Integrity Audits are a sampling of 2-10 reviews, and are completed on a consistent basis as ordered by our clients.  The audits will ensure that the information provided on the MDS is consistent with the care delivery to the resident as recorded in the Medical Record.  We can provide you with a sample audit upon request.
  • MDS System Management

    MDS systems demand time and resources.  Our experts can assist in the design and development of your MDS system, its integration with other operational systems such as EHRs, as well as the overall functioning of daily MDS operations.

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