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Get cost-effective short-term or long-term MDS completion help - only the amount you need.
No onerous consulting fees or contracts.

  • Get extra hands to complete MDS'

    Does your MDS Coordinator need a little help to get back on track with MDS completion?

  • Short-term MDS completion resources

    Do you need help completing MDS' due to FMLA or while you hire a new MDS Coordinator?

  • MDS auditing and verification

    Could you use just a few MDS Data Integrity Audits to ensure your MDS' accuracy?

Pick the Right MDS Completion Service for your Facility

Don't get behind on MDS completion because of turnover, leave, or skills gaps. 
MDS Consultants can help in just the amount you need and within your budget.

less than $200

Comprehensive MDS Completion

MDS Consultants will complete a full MDS Assessment with CAA Completion.

  • Annual
  • Significant Change
  • Admission
  • Admission/5 day

less than $700

MDS Completion Package (8-Hours)

We will provide your organization with 8 hours of MDS completion time to work on any combination of Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive MDS Assessments. 

MDS Audit

We will complete a review of one (1) MDS Assessment.  You receive a comprehensive written document of any question on the MDS that does not match our experts' recommended answer. To substantiate our recommendation we show precisely where the information can be located in the MDS 3.0 RAI Manual.

  • Custom MDS Completion services

    Need something not listed here?  Contact us to create an MDS completion plan specific to your needs.  Many skilled nursing facilities start with our Non-Comprehensive MDS Completion in which we will complete MPAF or Short Form MDS Assessments as required.

      • Quarterly
      • Standalone 5-day
      • Interim Payment Assessment (IPA)
      • All discharge MDS’s
      • End of PPS Part A Stay (NPE)
      • Other State Required Assessment (OSA)
  • MDS Coordinator Training options

    Our Ultimate MDS Coordinator Training packet has everything you need to know about MDS Completion.  The training packet is provided as part of our remote MDS Coordinator Training Program.  We have combined the critical federal manuals and documents and created a resource package so the MDS Coordinator can have everything at their fingertips to get started in their MDS career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn what to expect when you work with MDS Consultants.

How quickly will you start working after we get signed up?

Once you provide us with access to your Electronic Medical Record, we typically begin completing MDS Assessments within 24-48 hours after getting access to your system.

How long have you been completing MDS assessments?

MDS Consultants began completing MDS assessments in 2008. Gloria Brent - our founder - did all the assessment until the service gained in popularity and she hired staff to help with MDS completion.  

Is your staff comprised of independent contractors or employees?

The nurses who complete MDS assessments are 100% employees of MDS Consultants.  All staff must complete our in-house training program before working with our clients.  Even the highest credentialed employees are required to complete our training program before working with customers.

To maintain the highest standards of quality, we employ a Compliance officer who completes random internal audits on all of our staff work - regardless of how long they have worked for us.

If we hired a MDS Coordinator to take over from your staff - will you help with training or auditing their work so we know we have the “right” person?

Yes.  MDS Consultants provides 1:1 remote training of new employees you bring in to be your new MDS Coordinator.  We can train the new MDS Coordinator and decrease our MDS completion time as they become more speedy and efficient over time. 

Will you audit your person(s) working on our site?

Yes, we provide MDS Data Integrity Audits.  We suggest that 2 MDS Data Integrity Audits should be completed initially to see if the individual working on MDS completion needs further training.  This audit provides a non-MDS professional with clear information to help them understand if their staff member is on the right track or requires more training.

Does MDS Consultants provide MDS 3.0 Certification Training?

Yes, MDS Consultants is a Training Partner with AANAC and AADNS.  We provide Certification and Advanced Certification programs throughout the United States.  If you would like to know when we will be in your area, please go to our events page here:

If you wish to host an internal Certification Program at your facility, we can accommodate up to 20 people per class. 

For our public enrollment classes, we provide one complimentary seat to each facility that volunteers to host our public class at their location.

Feel free to reach out to us at: 585-318-4030.  

Request a Proposal from MDS Consultants

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