Case-Mix Index Services

Case Mix Index

Ensure you are maximizing your revenue with accurate CMI. Our specially trained MDS expert professionals spend the quality time necessary to manage CMI properly, and verify all records are submitted and processed according to state regulations.

Our Case Mix Services

MDS Consultants has a dedicated CMI Management team very experienced in finding the diagnoses, procedures, and all relevant factors to be documented in the case mix index calculation.

Review Resident Records

Weekly resident records review to determine the best ARD capture for their upcoming OBRA assessment.

Manage Resident CMI Scores

Management of all resident CMI scores to ensure the Medical Record substantiates all scores obtained on the MDS.

Submit CMI

CMI submission as requested or mandated by regulatory agencies.

What to Expect from MDS Consultants

No long term contracts or commitments.
Our team focuses on getting the job done and done right.



• At least one of our 50+ experts can start as soon as next Monday
• For CMI we generally plan 2-3 hours of work per resident per week
• We update your CMI every week



• You are only charged for the hours we work
• Our dedicated CMI team is very efficient!
• We will invoice you weekly for CMI services


Getting Started

Just a few simple steps to get started:

1) Complete our agreement & deposit
2) Provide us with login access to your EHR
3) Meet with our Directors of Onboarding and Operations to finalize your plan

Why Manage Your Case Mix Index

Accurate documentation and coding are essential for reflecting the true complexity of patient cases.
Inaccurate or incomplete coding can result in lower CMI scores, leading to reduced reimbursement.

Reimbursement Rates

Payers adjust payments based on patients’ care needs as calculated in the Case Mix Index (CMI).

Case Mix Index is a measurement of acuity in a facility.  An experienced MDS expert can affect CMI by ensuring the necessary assessments are conducted and the MDS accurately reflects the care and treatment being provided.

Quality Ratings

The Case Mix Index indicates the level of acuity in a facility, and is used to determine staffing Five Star ratings.  Staffing levels are measures in nursing hours, but are adjusted based on case mix level to ensure the facility is providing adequate nursing care.

Care Planning

While CMI measures the level of acuity, the allocation of nursing resources is managed through care planning by the interdisciplinary team (IDT).

The MDS expert plays a critical role in identifying the care needs to inform the IDT.

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