MDS 2023: The Countdown

October 1, 2023 will bring a new MDS for us all to manage.  While there's still many details to finalize, the MDS Consultants team has gone through the known changes in detail to share with you these section-by-section primers.  Disclaimer. Each post is current as of the date of publication.  CMS is expected to make further changes.

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What to Expect in Section GG

By Jessica Stucin RN, BSN, LNHA, Clinical Reimbursement Specialist,

What is Changing with Section GG? One of the major changes is the deletion of section G (Functional Status). What does that mean for section GG (Functional Abilities and Goals) and what should you expect to see? The Functional Abilities and Goals Admission (Start of PPS stay) title will change to Functional Abilities and Goals.…

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The New and Improved Section D

By Faith Carini-Graves, RN, PMHNP-BC, RAC-CT
The New and Improved Section D

What is Changing with Section D? Many of us may have skipped over some changes in our rush to see what happened to section G.  But Section D also has some notable changes! When reviewing this section, we see right away that the PHQ-2 has been added to supplement the PHQ-9 in gathering mood data.  This…

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Section G is Missing

By Katie Rodriguez LVN , Senior Director of Onboarding and Operations, Clinical Reimbursement Specialist

What is Changing with Section G? MDS 3.0 changes for October 2023 removed section G completely. This leaves many questions yet to be answered, including: How will the quality measures be affected? How will reimbursement rates be calculated? What are the criteria for the ADL function CAA worksheet? Will all these things change and be…

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