Hiring an MDS Coordinator?

Let MDS Consultants help your new MDS hires reach their full potential

How MDS Consultants Can Help

Our skilled and experienced team stands ready to share their knowledge with the MDS Coordinators of our clients.

Training & Certification


Grow your staff competencies:

Sign up your new hires to get MDS certifications in our RAC-CT and RAC-CTA classes or continuing education through our weekly MDS webinars.

Joining MDS Expert gives every MDS Coordinator valuable resources for their every day needs.

MDS Completion


Cover gaps in MDS completion:

Don’t fall behind on MDS assessments during a transition.  Use our large staff of experienced MDS Coordinators to complete individual MDS assessments

You only pay for the MDS’ we complete – no extra fees or long-term contract.

Audits & Quality Checks


Quality Oversight:

Have our experienced team review and spot check several assessments and receive a comprehensive report of gaps and issues.

All of our recommendations are substantiated to the RAI manual to help new hires learn quickly.

Still Have Questions About MDS Consultants?

Browse these answers to some commonly asked questions about our services.

If we hired our own MDS Coordinator - will you help with training or auditing their work so we know we have the "right" person?

Yes.  MDS Consultants provides 1:1 remote training of new employees you bring in to be your new MDS Coordinator.  We can train the new MDS Coordinator and decrease our MDS completion time as they become more speedy and efficient over time.

Will you audit our staff?

Yes, we provide MDS Data Integrity Audits.  We suggest that four (4) MDS Data Integrity Audits should be completed initially to see if the individual working on MDS completion needs further training.  This audit provides a non-MDS professional with clear information to help them understand if their staff member is on the right track or requires more training.

Is your staff comprised of independent contractors or employees?

The nurses who complete MDS assessments are 100% employees of MDS Consultants.  All staff must complete our in-house training program before working with our clients.  Even the highest credentialed employees are required to complete our training program before working with customers.

We ensure consistent service with a time-tested checklist and peer review. To maintain the highest standards of quality, we employ a Compliance officer who completes random internal audits on all of our staff work – regardless of how long they have worked for us.

Does MDS Consultants provide MDS 3.0 Certification Training?

If you wish to host an internal Certification Program at your facility, we can accommodate up to 20 people per class.

For our public enrollment classes, we provide one complimentary seat to each facility that volunteers to host our public class at their location.

Feel free to reach out to us at: 585-318-4030.

How long have you been completing MDS assessments?

MDS Consultants began completing MDS assessments in 2008. Gloria Brent – our founder – did all the assessment until the service gained in popularity and she hired staff to help with MDS completion.

How quickly will you start working after we get signed up?

Once you provide us with access to your Electronic Medical Record, we typically begin completing MDS Assessments within 24-48 hours after getting access to your system.

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