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How To Get the Right Candidate!

At MDS Consultants we’ve hired (and let go) many MDS Coordinators over the years – and we’ve figured out a few things.  Get our free Guide for a best practices template!

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    Minimum Requirements
    Interview Questions
    Key Assessment Areas

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    Falling Behind on MDS Completion while Hiring?

    Our team of over 50 MDS Coordinators can fill in for just a few hours, a day or a week.
    Let us get your new hire up to speed without missing a beat! 

    MDS Completion


    Cover gaps in MDS completion:

    Don’t fall behind on MDS assessments during a transition.  Use our large staff of experienced MDS Coordinators to complete individual MDS assessments.

    You only pay for the MDS’ we complete – no extra fees or long-term contract.

    Training & Certification


    Grow your staff competencies:

    Sign up your new hires to get MDS training in our upcoming events and appearance events & appearances or continuing education through our regular MDS webinars.

    Joining MDS Expert gives every MDS Coordinator valuable resources for their every day needs.

    Audits & Quality Checks


    Quality Oversight:

    Have our experienced team review and spot check several assessments and receive a comprehensive report of gaps and issues.

    All of our recommendations are substantiated to the RAI manual to help new hires learn quickly.

    Want to Join Our Team?

    We regularly reach out to qualified candidates for help with per diem MDS assessments. Let us know what you are interested in.

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