Coding N2001 – N2005: Part A Drug Regimen Review

By Caralyn Davis, Staff Writer - March 2, 2021


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“CMS has been concerned about medication-related adverse events for many years. Identifying potential and actual clinically significant medication issues, communicating those issues to the physician, and then implementing physician-prescribed or physician-recommended interventions in a timely manner—at admission and throughout the Medicare Part A resident’s stay—are critical components of ensuring both resident safety and quality of life,”

says Melanie Tribe-Scott, BSN, RN, RAC-MTA, RAC-MT, RAC-CTA, RAC-CT, QCP.


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“N2001 (Drug Regimen Review), N2003 (Medication Follow-up), and N2005 (Medication Intervention) require assessors and floor staff to have a different mindset about medications," says Tribe-Scott. “N0410 (Medications Received) specifically excludes herbal and alternative products. However, N2001 – N2005 include more than medications in the strictest sense. For example, these items include herbal products, vitamins, oxygen, and other treatments that are not covered elsewhere in section N (Medications).”

Melanie Tribe-Scott, RN, RAC-MT, QCP