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When it comes to the Minimum Data Set, accuracy can be the defining factor in whether a facility keeps its doors open, thrives or ends up facing federal indictment.

Whether providers are looking to ensure they can afford to provide the proper care their residents need or to maintain a five-star quality rating, the information listed in the assessment form has lasting effects on all involved.

Experts note that some sections are harder to complete correctly than others. Specific strategies can make a big difference

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Section L is overlooked so frequently as a result of a lack of education, it has become a target of external audits, notes Gloria Brent, CEO and president of MDS Consultants LLC.

“Nurses often skip over Section L and don't know how to read the dental documentation because it is a little tricky to learn,” Brent says. “It is the highest section I have encountered that receives a state health deficiency. “

Gloria Brent, RN