Another way to capture ADLs

The conventional wisdom for improving Activities for Daily Living is to educate and re-educate and then educate again.

This is important, but I look at ADL capture as a process that requires audits and examining systems. Every process has gaps that can be narrowed or even closed. Usually 80% of ADL capturing problems are caused by one or two gaps. These are unique to the facility based on staff strengths and weaknesses.

Improvements start by looking at a resident entering the facility. Is the form filled out and in the place that the certified nursing assistant can capture the ADLs immediately? For EMR facilities, do we have the resident admitted to the EMR before the current shift goes home and, if not, how do they capture the admission ADLs?

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Section L is overlooked so frequently as a result of a lack of education, it has become a target of external audits, notes Gloria Brent, CEO and president of MDS Consultants LLC.

“Nurses often skip over Section L and don't know how to read the dental documentation because it is a little tricky to learn,” Brent says. “It is the highest section I have encountered that receives a state health deficiency. “

Gloria Brent, RN