Transportation – New Item A1250

What You Can Expect to See

An additional item we will see in the upcoming MDS 3.0 v.1.18.11 in October 2023 is A1250 – Transportation. This is included in a new subset of criteria known as ‘Social Determinants of Health’ (SDOH).

A1250 will appear at the start of the Medicare A stay and at the end of the Medicare A stay with a planned discharge; A0310B = 1 -or- A0310G = 1 and A0310H = 1.

Section A1250

What Is Changing

As discharge planning begins on admission to the SNF, this allows the facility to identify transportation barriers early in the Part A stay. The SNF can begin coordination with the resident and/or the resident’s representative by providing education and referrals for community transportation resources.

Disclaimer. This information is current as of March 20, 2023


About This Series

October 1, 2023 will bring a new MDS for us all to manage.  While there's still many details to finalize, the MDS Consultants team has gone through the known changes in Item Set version 1.18.11 to share with you these section-by-section primers.

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Access to transportation for health care needs can be an often-overlooked barrier for residents discharged from post-acute care (PAC). Skilled nursing facilities are well-versed in helping facilitate post-discharge appointments, prescriptions, and in-home nursing care. However, should a resident have limited or no access to follow-up medical appointments, this can result in a delay of care.

This new item gives the skilled nursing facility (SNF) an opportunity to gain more insight into their residents’ post-discharge needs. The transportation questions will formulate a well-rounded discharge plan to ensure resident(s) have access to follow-up appointments and prescriptions., This will avoid delay in care for post-acute needs including the management of chronic disease.

Recommendations from MDS Consultants

  • Get familiar with the new coding items that appear in the new MDS 3.0 v.1.18.11
  • Put systems in place to accurately code the MDS
  • Implement plans within the interdisciplinary team to ensure that transportation needs are addressed

Do not wait! The time to prepare is now.

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