Staffing in the World of PDPM

The Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is here, and even well-prepared organizations are uncertain about precisely what the future will hold for this new system of reimbursement for nursing home care. To gain some insights on staffing in the world of PDPM, InFront talked to Melanie Tribe-Scott and Gloria Brent from MDS Consultants during last week’s 2019 LTC Summit in Asheville, NC. They stress the need to focus on training and education about data collection, assessments, documentation, and how to communicate with patients and other team members; and they remind everyone that they need innovative thinking to succeed in this new payment paradigm.

Before hiring new staff, particularly for Minimum Data Sets (MDS) assessments or ICD-10 coding, make sure your current staff has the training and education they need to effectively comply with all aspects of PDPM. It’s not enough to assume that people have the necessary knowledge. As Brent said, “If you don’t have expertise, you don’t know what you don’t know.” Make sure everyone gets hands-on training and that they have opportunities for additional education or retraining. They need to be comfortable seeking this training without fear of being judged or penalized.

Some additional thoughts from Brent and Tribe-Scott on this issue:

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